Walk against Suicide fundraiser launched

Hey guys you may know that earlier this week i launched my fundraiser walk with Beyond Blue for men’s mental health, focusing on depression and suicide.
On April 5th i will be walking from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to raise awareness to this important issue in our community.
Since i spoke up about my experience with depression and how it affected my everyday life, i have had so many blokes open up to me about their struggles, something they prob don’t talk to their wifes or partners about or even their mates at work, but thats the reason i need to get this done.
It means alot to me personally, it is a long endurance walk of over 90km which i have a target of 17 hours to complete.
The aim is to raise $10,000 for Beyond Blue, and i know so many families affected by the bushfires are hurting and need real support, not just money and material replacements but counselling support. Just think that these people have lost everything they worked for and now its all gone, have to start again, it is super tough. From someone who also 5 years ago lost everything they worked their whole life for, I know how that feels so if you got it in you please spare $10 to donate to this important cause.

This is the link to the event:

Anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated, and if you like to join me for part of the walk that also would be awesome, just shoot me an email from this site and we will get in touch.



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