Amazing what a conversation can do

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen my short post about a conversation i had with a mate over in England on Sunday just gone. Now he reached out to me because he wasn’t feeling the best, not for me to come up with some magical solution to his problems, because that could never happen, but more just because we had a rapport from our love of triathlons etc. He felt he could talk to me without judgement which was really cool.
So on Sunday i rang him on a video call which i feel is so much more personal, i like to see peoples responses when i talk with them, its like my hate when talking to someone with sunglasses on, yeah so rude in my opinion. Anyway we started chatting about our sport of Ironman and which events we have coming up or like to do etc then the conversation got more serious as we discussed how depression affected our lives, and by me sharing what i went through and how it made me feel and how debilitated i was at times, it seemed like a weight was lifted off his shoulders knowing that it is not just him who feels like this, he is not weird or strange or whatever else you feel when you go through depression.
Being such a strong person by nature it has hit him hard, he wouldn’t be the type you would think gets affected like this, which proves a point that there is no “type” that gets depression, it can affect anyone of us, male or female, young or old.

I guess why i am talking about this with you today is that from a pretty simple and open conversation I found more about myself, the satisfaction of helping others and to hear back from him the next day how he actually had his first decent nights sleep in many many months because of what we spoke about, now isn’t that amazing? That is truely what we all should be doing everyday with each other correct?
It take very little to be kind and compassionate in our daily routine, it is too easy to become envious or spiteful with others, I see it everyday in my industry, some of the comments on social media make me cringe and disappointed that those individuals represent our industry.
By talking to each other we can solve so many problems and mental health is just one of these but a big one and a super important one at that.
Keep talking people, till next time.

Ed: Monty is doing a charity walk to raise money and awareness with Beyond Blue by walking from Brisbane to the Gold Coast on April 5th. If you like to support him on his 90km walk you can contact him via the facebook page:

and if you like to show your support with a donation you can do so here:

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