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We welcome professionals and contributors who specialise in mental health to be part of 40 Plus. We are a small team but would like to make a big difference, even if we can help one bloke or a few men change their situation, then we have achieved something.
For us too it is one step at a time. Slowly as a team we can make a difference.
Let’s do this together.

Monty Van Dyk


Monty has a multifaceted background as a mechanical engineer and real estate agent, and competitor in Ironman triathlon, but found himself struggling with depression and PTSD after a relationship breakdown. Monty shares his journey of rebuilding himself and the challenges he faced along the way.

Steve Tyrrell


Steve is a children’s book author and manager of clinical depression. Steve kindly shares his story to keep moving forward, don’t stop. Steve says that everyone has a breaking point but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Find yourself by finding your purpose. Steve hopes his message helps someone.

Samuel the Dog

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